Why Should You Hire Physiotherapists for Home Visits?

Why Should You Hire Physiotherapists for Home Visits

“Ouch, oh, ow” if you repeat those words every time, you get in and out of a car, bend down to put on shoes, or reach up to get cans out of a kitchen cupboard. Then it’s time to get an appointment from a physiotherapist because prevention is better than cure.  Then choose PHYSIOTHERAPY.!!!! 

Physiotherapy takes your health and fitness to a new level through physical exercise and instruments. So, if you want to know how physiotherapists make the muscles and joints: strong, then read the following part of the blog. 

Why Physiotherapy? 

A painless solution- Physiotherapy Dubai is a drug-free remedy that gives your muscle and joints strong support.  

Little recovery time- Physiotherapist uplift all the restrictions from your life in a much shorter span of time through specialized and personalized treatment. 

Eliminate surgery- The physiotherapy sessions eliminate the pain and trauma of surgery.  

Customization- A physiotherapist provides customized movements according to the need of the body. Whether a person is suffering from a neurological disorder or have back and neck pain, they have the solution for everyone. 

Not heavy on the pocket- 3 sessions of physiotherapy is equal to one visit to a physician, because you do not have to pay for medicines and surgery (if required) in physical therapy.   

When Do I Need Physiotherapy? 

It’s entirely a wrong conception that only senior citizens need physiotherapy at home in Dubai. Thus, at any stage of life, one can take help from a physiotherapist.  

In a nutshell, anybody who feels difficulty in moving, walking, or even jumping can see a physiotherapist by Call Doctor. However, let’s see the following specific medical conditions where you can’t skip a single session. 

  1. Cardiorespiratory dysfunction: heart diseases and heart attack.  
  2. Neurological disability: Parkinson’s, brain injuries, dementia, and other similar neurodisfunctions. 
  3. Mobility problems: sports injuries, lower back pain, head pain, and spine pain. 
  4. Other conditions: knee ligament injury, pelvic floor, dysfunction, cancer, and ankle sprain. 

Duties of physiotherapist 

  • Review the patient’s complete medical history in detail. 
  • Spend time developing a customized workout program for restoring functional ability as soon as possible. 
  • Make you perform a few light movements before prescribing a workout plan to know your strength. 
  • Physiotherapists let the patients be involved in their own care process by educating them on every exercise. 
  • A physio helps their patients to reduce pain, improve mobility and induce balance. 

Approaches used in physiotherapy sessions? 

Neurodevelopmental treatment:  A physiotherapist use the NTD technique on patients with nervous system disorders. Exercises that are part of the training are gait training, scooting, and sit-to-stand are part of this treatment. 

Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation: PNF is for patients who are suffering from CNS and PNS dysfunctions. 

Sensory integration therapy: This therapy helps children to learn how to use all senses like touch, taste, smell, and hearing. 

Orthopedic manipulative therapy: People with lower back pain, osteoporosis, or bone cancer, can benefit from this therapy. Plus, it also improves blood circulation. 

Benefits provided by physiotherapists of Call Doctor  

  • Physio improves your balance. 
  • Right physical therapy promises a complete recovery from a sports injury, stroke, and trauma. 
  • Best Physiotherapy Dubai can manage age-related physical issues. 
  • Manual therapy eliminates the need for surgery. 
  • Stretching exercises recommended by your therapist improve mobility.

Heal without drugs

Physiotherapy Dubai helps everyone in achieving their goals. Regardless of whether the goal is to get rid of pain, feel steadier again, or play with grandkids. 

So, if you are one who has the same or other goals then try Call Doctor (a well-known medical agency in Dubai). Their skilled team provides a cure for your illness, injury, and disability through soft workouts. Plus, they restore your health and fitness in a limited period of time.