Empower Your Wrist With a Collection of Stylish Watches for Women

wrist watches for women

Shopping for a watch can feel daunting. Traditionally, women had to dig through a meager supply of sparkly, dainty second-rate watches in the ladies section or find something that wasn’t clownishly large in the men’s section.

This sporty watch has a throwback eighties vibe and a durable resin band that matches bold date night outfits or everyday ensembles. Plus, it’s got all the features that runners and travelers need, including a stopwatch and perpetual calendar.


The perfect watch strap can elevate your style. Choose from a variety of fashionable materials, from durable rubber to soft nylon. Some straps are also made from recycled plastic, which is great for the environment.

Leather watch bands add a timeless, luxurious touch. They’re durable and comfortable and pair well with a variety of outfits. Faux leather straps are also available for people who follow a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Nylon straps are a popular choice, as they’re lightweight and durable. They’re also comfortable on the skin and come in a wide variety of playful colors. Some women’s watches feature two-tone bracelets, which complement many different styles of jewelry. They’re ideal for elevating a casual day look or adding an elegant finishing touch to your evening ensemble.


The watch case is a critical factor in the look of any timepiece. Traditionally, women’s watches are smaller across the dial, due to women’s typically smaller wrists, and they often have different ornamentation than men’s watches (though some brands have taken this to an extreme).

Watch cases can be made out of many materials, including gold, silver, and stainless steel. They also come in various shapes and sizes, such as round, square, or tonneau. Wrist watches for women can also be crafted from leather, which can give them a casual or dressy appearance depending on the style and color of the watch.


When it comes to dials, the options can be endless. But a watch doesn’t just have to look good, it should also provide the right information. For example, some watches offer features like world-time (showing multiple time zones), a moon-phase, and chronographs for timing activities.

The dial on this Michel Herbelin women’s watch blends elegance with practicality. Its two-tone metal design reflects current jewelry trends, while the black mother of pearl watch face adds timeless beauty to the wrist.

Plus, the stainless steel Milanese bracelet secures comfortably on the wrist without rubbing or pinching. And for fitness lovers, this model includes advanced metrics to help track exercise-related performance. The Training Load Pro feature breaks down workouts by cardio load, muscle load and perceived load to help athletes improve their performance.


Watches are small and rely on batteries to keep their time. There are several types of batteries used in wrist watches including Silver Oxide, Alkaline and Lithium. The latter is usually the highest quality battery as it provides a consistent voltage and longer lifespan.

Traditionally, most watches use Alkaline button/coin cell batteries which give 1.5 volts and come in various capacities. However, these batteries can sometimes develop inconsistencies in the voltage over the lifespan of the battery.

To avoid this, we recommend purchasing a battery with a consistent voltage from a reputable brand like Maxell. You can identify the battery type by looking at the prefixes or letters at the beginning of the code number. A lithium battery will have a code that starts with BR or CR while silver oxide batteries will have a code that begins with SR or AG.

Water resistance

A water resistant watch is a summer essential, but don’t settle for something cheap. Aim for a budget that you are comfortable with, which will narrow down the crowded market to only the best options.

For example, this chic smartwatch by UMIDGI has a beautiful design and tons of cool features. It’s perfect for keeping up with your notifications, as well as monitoring your physical activity at the gym or during any other sports.

It can safely withstand short periods of swimming, but don’t wear it while diving or snorkeling. You’ll need a waterproof watch that is 200 meters or more resistant to withstand high-impact water activities. You’ll be able to find them online, but make sure you get one that is made when you order it, like this exclusive style from Filippo Loreti.