Egg Donation and IVF Success Rates 2014-2022

The Genova Institute’s best ivf center in lahore guarantees you the diagnosis of donors with the widest and latest technology in Pakistan thanks to its program “Test-Tube with Egg Donation”.

Founded Four years ago, the Genova IVF Institute was able to achieve global success with its success in vitro fertilization with donor eggs, thanks to the successful egg donor programs for its patients from all over the world. The institute understands that the goal of egg donors is to get pregnant. That’s why when we present to you egg donor options, we aim to waste no time from the start. We also offer you the opportunity to start treatment in less than a month.

The Best Treatment

You can obtain eggs or sperm from among 180 donors by examining their medical and personal data, their childhood and adulthood photos, the meetings held with them, and the suggestions and opinions of the donation team. At the Genova Center for donor eggs and sperm, we provide medical services with the highest technology, with the specifications of genetic and scientific diagnosis.

Our medical team follows up with all donors at the Genova Center. In this way, it is easy for genetics experts, obstetricians and nurses to identify donors one by one through our page on the Internet. We present this preliminary data to our disease and the patient has the right to choose the donor that he decides.

Genova  infertility specialist in lahore are always developing an egg donation program

The Genova Center, which offers an advanced IVF program through egg donation, aims to provide services and information to its patients on IVF treatment at all times. Each program is monitored by an expert in the donor field, ie the egg or sperm donor. Moreover, before and after the pregnancy, our patients can meet genetic experts and medical specialists. Patients can also ask about everything related to IVF, as our doctors are well aware that the goal of every patient is to build a family and have a child.

Get Appointments

You can get an appointment by calling the following numbers. And the coordinators will answer you in detail about everything related to the IVF program and our offers:

There are patients who underwent IVF treatment with egg donation, but their operations were not successful, but it was a way to obtain successful results for his patients.

The success rate of IVF for those who have increased their age is largely successful and suitable for the intrauterine sperm injection process.

There is another point that should be mentioned. And is that our donors, if compared to other medical treatments, will be better and our success rate will be greater, as they are more efficient because they are examined and monitored by doctors who are experts in the field of genetic medicine.

Professional Doctors

There is also an idea that we want to draw the attention of our patients, which is that it is possible for the patient not to become pregnant and that he can become pregnant in the following years after the operation, meaning that the choice of pregnancy is up to the patient first and foremost. During the selection of the egg in our clinic, we focus on the following materials and guarantee them for you:

Donors are genetically screened by our doctors very carefully. Genova provides our patients with donor data. Which includes their medical data and characteristics in terms of educational qualification and physical characteristics. We also provide our doctors with information about informing and providing the patient. With all his concerns and every question in his mind about the IVF process. And our doctors are all qualified experts in the field of genetics and IVF operations. We show all donors to our patients and give them many tips when choosing a donor. But in the end, the patient has the freedom to choose himself.

All data and correspondence with the patient are strictly confidential, according to our company’s policy. From the time the patient begins to apply for the operation until it is completed, it lasts approximately one month. Patients who come to Athens from all over the world are treated with IVF treatment in just one or two days.

Some Points to remember

  •  You can contact us by phone in Athens for more information. A donor is chosen for you.
  • New frozen donors are used and their success rate is guaranteed.
  • We follow the principle of confidentiality in correspondence and during operations.
  • All genetic diseases can be eliminated.
  • The issue of IVF is very lively and that is why patients from all over the world. Come to us for treatment in our clinic.
  •  Our patients prefer our program and therefore they come to us from all over the world. And we provide them in their homes with information about IVF. With egg donation and everything related to it.

What distinguishes the Genova Center is the lack of delay in conducting operations. And its commitment to all conditions of confidentiality. He recommends patients participate in the seminars that. He always holds so that they can broaden their horizons with knowledge of the IVF program with egg donation.

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