Effective Skin Care Strategy Post Co2 Laser Treatment

Effective Skin Care Strategy Post Co2 Laser Treatment

Taking Care of Your Skin After Co2 Laser Treatment. Obviously, it is not fun to rush to your dermatologist in an emergency, so it is better to play safe. Our skin has a natural barrier, but after the treatment, this barrier may become impaired for some time. If you get over ambitious and rush to apply your normal skincare products, then you may end up inviting trouble.

Normal skincare product usage right after the treatment may cause inflammation, and there is a possibility of increased pigmentation too.

Caring Tips

  • Ice Pack Application: During the first two to three days of your treatment, you may consider applying an ice pack wrapped in a soft cloth on your skin.
  • Repeat the process: Preferably, place the ice pack on the affected area for about 15 to 20 minutes. You may need to repeat this activity for about 5 times until the swelling settles a bit.
  • Rinsing hands before Ice Pack Application: After the first two to three days, you can alter this routine, and only apply the ice pack if needed. You should try to follow some basic rules of thumb like washing your hands religiously before touching your skin to avoid infection.
  • Sleeping position: If you are the kind of person who is extra cautious, then it will not be a bad idea to sleep with your head slightly elevated. It may help ease the swelling.
  • Protect yourself from airborne dust particles: Irritants like the dust may also lead to a skin infection, and this is why you should avoid getting exposed to dust during the healing period.
  • Avoid ultraviolet rays: Direct sunlight may trigger skin irritation so avoid going in the direct sunlight on the first day of the treatment. It might be a safe move to wash your face with room temperature water to protect your skin from any irritation during the first few days of the treatment.

Your dermatologist may recommend over the counter ointment for healing, so you should use them as per his instruction during the healing period.  After the first day of the treatment, you can think along the lines to take a shower also.

A healing process speeds up if your skin remains moisturised after the Co2 Laser Treatment. You can consider applying a mild moisturiser on your face. To play safe, you can start using the moisturiser on the 5th-day post-procedure. It takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks for the skin to reach its normal hydration level so moisturiser will provide the necessary hydration.

An article published in the Journal J Cutan Aesthet Surg, claims you should apply sunscreen on your face 4 days post the treatment to protect your skin. Again, take your dermatologist’s advice before choosing the sunscreen.

You may apply mineral makeup 7 days post the treatment, but again you need to seek the advice of your dermatologist first to avoid any risks. If you follow the mentioned aftercare approach, then you may get the results with Co2 Laser Treatment as expected.

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Co2 Laser – Post Treatment Caring Tips

Despite being apprehensive, you must receive this treatment if you want an ageless beauty.

What does Co2 do to your skin?

  • This laser can tighten up your skin
  • This laser removes dark spots

What does Gordon H.Sasaki say about Co2?

  • Co2 has the minimal downtime of about 2 to 3 weeks
  • You will not have to take an extensive break from work due to this treatment

Post-treatment caring tips

  • Apply the ice after treatment in a soft cloth
  • Repeat the application of ice 5 times for 15-20 minutes each time
  • Rinsing hands before Ice Pack Application
  • sleep with your head slightly elevated
  • Protect yourself from airborne dust particles
  • Avoid ultraviolet rays

Note: If you follow the mentioned aftercare approach, then you may get the results with Co2 Laser Treatment as expected.


How to take care of your skin after Co2 Laser Treatment?

Your skin will take 2-3 weeks to heal after Co2 Laser treatment.

Follow the aftercare tips below prevent infection and help your skin heal.

Co2 Laser Treatment Aftercare tips:

  • Never wear makeup after treatment
  • Use sunscreen SPF 30 before exposing your treated area to the sun
  • Do not use ground or well water to rinse the treated area directly
  • Always keep the treated area covered with a bandage
  • Don’t use swimming pools, saunas, or hot tubs



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