5 Healthcare Brochure Templates Ideas

Brochures are one of the most effective ways to get your message out there and to reach potential customers. This marketing tool can help your business in several ways, from introducing new services to promoting your business in a new location.

You can make your own brochure, but it is a difficult task, and many healthcare businesses fail to produce eye-catching brochures for marketing.

Furthermore, creating a brochure can be difficult and time-consuming. As a result, the well-known healthcare industry employs uses software known as brochure maker to customize their brochures.

We can customize a variety of brochure templates for our healthcare using brochure tools.

Here are some examples of the best healthcare brochure templates, but first, let’s look at some common mistakes doctors make when creating a healthcare brochure.

Let’s start!

Avoid these seven of the most common mistakes doctors make when creating a healthcare brochure.

Objectives that are unclear (or incorrect)

While most brochures are considered a “consumable expense,” professional practice or organizational brochures should be designed with the clear and specific goal of attracting new business, improving your practice’s reputation, and bringing in more revenue. A brochure that simply states “what we do” and “where we are” (an oversize business card) is insufficient to persuade and attract.

Furthermore, patient education is not the same as a practice brochure. Patients are informed and educated by patient education, but healthcare practice brochures encourage people to become patients.

Putting your brochure (and reputation) in the hands of marketing “amateurs.”

Healthcare brochures are typically generic “templates” created by entry-level designers at a printer. Worse, doctors and staff are frequently tasked with creating the brochure text (words). While anyone can write a letter, few people (even in marketing) can write compelling words that compel prospects to act.

It is difficult to persuade a prospective patient to call you. To get the job done right, you’ll need at least three people on your team: a marketing strategist, a writer, and a designer. If they collaborate, they will complete the task correctly.

Incorrect size

Brochures must be large enough to convey the message effectively. In most cases, 8.5 x 11 bi-fold brochures are too small to convey everything that needs to be communicated.

On that note, the notion that “everything should fit on one page” is a dangerous one. Consumers prefer to skim and read only what is relevant to them. Sometimes the message can be brief, but more often than not, more space is required to sell. The rule is not to be brief, but to be as long as necessary – no shorter or longer.

There is no heart

People purchase emotionally and rationally. To put it another way, your brochure must sell from the heart rather than the head. Few people can create something like this. They frequently focus on the technology or feature, rather than the advantages or patient-critical benefits. Both the visuals and the words must be emotionally appealing.


Brochures for healthcare practices are frequently the foundation of a practice’s brand. They should set your practice apart from the competition in a subtle (yet powerful) way, as well as provide a unique answer to the question “why you?”

Low-cost brochures are, by definition, generic and produced in the same manner for “everyone.” It goes against branding and differentiation and does nothing to help you build your professional reputation.

Wrong words

Your written text should have an active voice and be directive. It should include both a call to action and a sense of urgency. It should be conversational and easy to read. The prospective patient is unconcerned about the policies of your company. (This is not the place to discuss “riot act” cancellations, late arrivals, or insurance forms.) If it isn’t fostering relationships and inspiring people to act, it probably doesn’t belong in a brochure.

Beautiful blunders

Beautiful is nice, but it’s not nearly enough. A brochure must have good eye flow and readability. The photos and illustrations must be flawless. Colors should inspire and complement your message. Graphic artists frequently focus solely on creating something “visually perfect.” However, pretty poison can kill when appearance takes precedence over the larger goal of gaining new business.

The primary tool in your overall strategy will be an effective marketing brochure. It will be a brand-consistent brochure that attracts patients, distinguishes you from the competition, and improves your reputation. What about your ROI? With a few good cases, you’ll recoup your investment.

Healthcare Brochure Templates Ideas

1. Minimalist Healthcare Brochure Templates

health brochure template

2. White With Blue Healthcare Brochure Templates

brochure templates for healthcare marketing

3. White With Green Shadow Healthcare Brochure Templates

brochure template

4. Light Pink Healthcare Brochure Templates

brochure templatebrochure template

5. Simple And light Healthcare Brochure Templates

brochure templates brochure templates


We cover the best healthcare brochure templates to help you create eye-catching templates and boost your marketing and customer reach.